About Me

I'm Tory Howell. My pronouns she/her/hers and I am a graphic designer and harm reductionist. Since 2013, I've taken a community-centered design approach to help justice-centered organizations do their best work. I've worked with individual people and large organizations on design projects that help create a more equitable world.

By combining the power of visual communications with a harm reduction approach, I help you to meet your community where they are at and address their needs on your website.

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My values


If you've gotten this far on my site, you probably aren't surprised to see this here. I believe in the power of the collective. We're trying to do big life-saving work that cannot be done alone. I also believe that, when creating work intended to benefit a community, they must be involved. Communities already have the knowledge and power to take care of themselves.


This applies both to my work and to how I work. I consider folks of different abilities and needs in the work that I do. I also consider the differing capacities of the organizations I work with. That's why I offer both paid services and free consulting sessions so everyone has access to the power of design.


I believe that perfection is a core component of white-supremacy so instead, I focus on small and consistent efforts revised over time to create bigger impacts. When we make many smaller moves, we have the opportunity to check in with the community and ourselves.


When we work together you'll know exactly what you're getting, when you'll get it, and how much it will cost. We'll work together to determine check-in points and revisions to make sure we are on the same page so you know how I am working throughout the whole process.

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